Create a Happy Playlist


I would consider myself to be a very optimistic person.

But I’m like most people and one day, it could be a great day or I could even have several great days, but then that one bad day happens, and it is like none of the previous great days mattered. I get caught up in how bad that day just sucked.

I know I have wasted a lot of time and energy on bad days. I think mostly because people tend to talk more about the bad days than the good ones, so it is easy to get sucked in that environment, especially if that bad day is happening to you.

I think a lot, so it was very obvious to me how much energy I was spending on sometimes just one bad day. Like most things in my life if I recognize something that irritates me and don’t like how it makes me feel, then I work to make a commitment to myself to work on it and change it.

I don’t like to be around or listen to negative people so why be one of those people? It is so my nature that when I am in a situation where I am surrounded by negativity, two things happen: I am visualizing it is a fly, and I have a fly swatter ready to flatten it, and then once it is flattened, I get an overwhelming feeling of wanting to share with them how to just choose a different way of thinking and how that can change the mood.

Is it possible to stop it when it starts? I think for me the biggest help to work on it was acknowledging when it was starting to affect how I feel.

The feelings that made themselves most aware were anxiety, laziness and frustration. Three big ones I think. Out of those three the one that was most apparent for me was laziness. I would lose any type of motivation I had when I started the day. It was like a two year old melt down which would then turn into a pity party. I would get mad, cross my arms, and get crazy stubborn about not doing any work, but just wallowing in my own little pity party. I am totally laughing now to think that being a grown woman I would behave that way.

That is just my point. Is it not just crazy how much time and energy all of us put into negativity? We need to be more engaged with our happy emotions and let those emotions guide us everyday!

Here is how I do it. I created a playlist of just three songs. I picked three that had powerful meaning to me and would easily bring out those happy emotions. I only picked three songs because I wanted something that wouldn’t take long, so it would be easier for me to commit to doing it when I would come up against those emotions.

Here are the three songs I choose and the purpose behind them:

I Wanna See You Be Brave – I think about my three daughters. How grateful I am to have them and what each of them brings to me and how all I ever want them to know is how extremely brave they are and can be.

Empire State of Mind – I always aspired to live in NYC and not really for sure why but can remember feeling that way when I was young and having this insane connection to NYC. I think when I was young, it seemed so intimidating that the intimidation turned into a challenge. When I hear this song and sing the lyrics “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere” “the lights will inspire you, streets will make you feel brand new,” my heart gets beating fast and this overwhelming feeling of I am going to conquer settles in!

Unwritten – This song brings the creative emotions out of me which then turns into passion. I am still writing my story.

I now have turned emotions of anxiety, laziness and frustration to emotions of passion, motivation and gratitude!