I Only Have Time For Enthusiasm


When I was younger, I may have had more time for drama or giving long hours to complaints. But these days, I run a business, a family and juggle a lot of relationships. I would much rather spend my time around optimism than pessimism. It not only makes me feel better about myself, but I find my outlook on what is possible a great deal higher.

That’s why I seek out experiences and people that are full of enthusiasm. I want to be inspired and go after bigger dreams. I want to laugh and wonder. I am drawn to those things that help me see the positive side of life.

Sure, there are lots of problems around. I solve hard problems every day. But the last thing I need is to add to that heap with negativity.

For me, enthusiasm keeps me out of the pits and helps me look forward.

I guess that’s why I love being around accomplished people that are going after things. I can look in their lives and see how I might do something a bit more wonderful in my own life.

We only have so much time on this planet. And we can control, to a large extent, what comes into our minds and hearts. For me, I will pursue what is good, energizing and enthusiastic.

What would happen if you filtered out the negative?