How To See the Best in Others

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

BlogFinding the good in others can prove to be very beneficial. The more positives you see in others, the more you see in yourself.

This helps build self-esteem and self confidence in others and yourself which impacts your happiness and success. For some reason, we tend to give more focus on negative experiences, thoughts and information than we do on the positive. Because of this negative bias we are more likely to notice the bad than the good in others. I think that is so sad. We need to be recognized for our own positive qualities and full potential. But it takes intentional effort.

When you think positive, people tend to act more positive. To really be able to see the best in others, you first must have an open heart and an open mind.

“When you think positive, people tend to act more positive.”

So here are a few ways to see the best in others.

  • Be helpful – Take the time to get to know people and focus on their strengths and positive characteristics. Be open to new relationships. Give compliments to others. Be an encourager.
  • Be realistic – Having a high expectation of others can be a positive influence. You have to be careful of it being too high of a standard, so avoid expecting others to be perfect all the time.
  • Demonstrate it – Simple gestures can show others that you think positively about them and appreciate connecting with them. A simple smile shows comfort and openness.

When starting to practice these steps, you will have a much more positive view of other people, and you will also start to see the positive attributes within yourself as well.